Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is one of the most commonly used materials in the medical device industry, and is frequently utilized in implantable and instrument products due to its biocompatibility and strength.  Banner Medical stocks a range of medical grade stainless steel products in a variety of sizes and configurations for rapid delivery. Contact us if you don’t see a specific grade or condition that you need. We are experts at sourcing stainless steel bar as well as any other material that can be centerless ground.

  • BioDur® 316LS Stainless
  • BioDur® 108 Alloy
  • BioDur® Carpenter CCM® Alloy
  • BioDur® 22Cr-13Ni-5Mn-Stainless
  • Custom 455® Stainless
  • Custom 465® Stainless
  • Project 70® + Custom 630 (17Cr-4Ni) Stainless        
  • Sandvik Bioline 316LVM
  • Type 416 Stainless Cond. H (Rc 32 – 38)
  • Type 420 Stainless
  • Type 440A Stainless
  • Type 440C Stainless
  • Type 17-4 PH
  • Type 17-4 PH Cond. 900
  • X15TN