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Banner Medical is a strategic business unit of Banner Industries. Since 1961, Banner Industries has served the precision machining industry by providing the highest quality materials and value-added services that offer superior processing capabilityreduced supply chain complexity, and risk mitigation. As an ISO 13485 certified supplier to the medical device industry, Banner Medical has implemented stringent quality standards and employs talented personnel who have thoroughly validated our equipment through the IQ, OQ, and PQ processes required by FDA protocol. Though few processors of medical grade material perform validation testing to this degree, we can confirm that our machining processes do not change the physical properties of the material, and assure you that our materials will meet your specifications every time. Our mission is to provide defect-free materials and components that allow our customers to manufacture the best products for the medical device industry.

Products and Services Offered

The following provides a brief overview of products and services offered by Banner Medical:

  • Extensive on-hand inventory of Stainless, Titanium, Cobalt Chrome, 316LVM, and other exotic medical grade materials
  • Superior sourcing capability through direct mill and service center relationships
  • Raw Material Processing: Straightening, turning, grinding, and polishing of medical grade material
  • Complete machining capability  to near net or fully complete component form
  • Broad offering of common value-added services required by the medical device industry
  • Packaging and special labeling of medical grade materials and components
  • On-site and off-site fully-managed vendor material programs
  • Full material documentation traceability to melt source
  • Support engineering and design services
  • FDA 510K audit and approval process consultation

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Who We Are

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