Spine: Implants & Instruments

Banner Medical has achieved ASL status with some of the industry’s largest spine implant and instrument manufacturers through our ability to procure, inventory, process, and add value to common grades of material. We maintain an extensive inventory of many commonly used grades of stainless, titanium, and cobalt chrome material used in the spine market.

We can provide value-added services required by spine product OEMs and Contract Manufacturers, and add value through single source supply chain efficiency, risk mitigation and superior quality. Providing one purchase order for material and services is the most efficient way to reduce complexity and mitigate risk.

As the spine market segment continues to grow, many new OEMs may require material sourcing expertise to attain FDA 510K approval for new products. We have the experience needed to help you through the FDA audit process and launch your product on time and under budget. Focus on the development and validation phase of your product journey while we help you navigate you though the FDA 510K approval process.

Spine Implants

Banner Medical maintains an extensive inventory of various raw material grades often used in the manufacture of spine implant products. Materials can be supplied in precision ground bar, plate, shaped, or near net shape form, allowing OEMs or Contract Manufacturers to fabricate fully complete components as efficiently as possible. Commonly stocked materials for the spine implant market include, but are not limited to:

  • Stainless Steel: All grades for fusion plates and pedicle screws
  • Titanium: All grades for fusion plates, pedicle screws, caps, cross-links, connectors, and rods
  • Cobalt Chrome: All grades for connecting rods and cross-links

In addition to our material inventory and processing capability, we offer consultation services to help you achieve FDA 510K approval. If your company needs assistance with material selection or supply chain management, contact us to learn how we can help you launch the best products on time while minimizing risk.

Please ask about our extensive list of value-added services that create value through single source supply and flexibility.

Spine Instruments

We carry several medical grades of stainless steel and other common alloys used in the manufacture of spine instruments, power tools, and power tool accessories. Similar to our implant material selection, Banner Medical can supply instrument grades in precision ground bar, flats, shaped, or near net shape form. Commonly stocked grades of materials include, but are not limited to:

We also offer value-added services that reduce supply chain complexity while mitigating risk. Please contact us to learn more about these services.

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Spine: Implants & Instruments


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