Bar Processing

Our state-of-the-art bar processing equipment and quality systems produce superior products that are delivered on time and defect-free. We begin by sourcing from well-established domestic and international mills that manufacture the finest raw materials for the medical device industry. After receiving the mill product, all documentation and chemical composition is physically checked to ensure the material meets or exceeds customer specifications. It is then straightened and processed according to customer specification. All processes are documented, and the material is checked throughout the manufacturing cycle for accordance with FDA and Banner Medical quality standards. Our machining/manufacturing processes do not change the physical properties of the material, and all of our processing equipment, software, and administrative systems have gone through the IQ, OQ, and PQ validation process mandated by the FDA and many of the industry’s largest OEMs.  The following highlights our manufacturing capabilities related to the processing of ground bar:

Tolling Services

We offer throughfeed centerless grinding services for customer-supplied bar material. This service is often used by mill producers and regional service centers that need to augment production capabilities or have capacity constraints. Occasionally, large medical device OEMs with extensive in-house machining capabilities use our tolling services to assure incoming material is ground to near net shape with the closest desired surface finish possible to maximize machine productivity, reduce scrap, and increase throughput.

Banner also has the capability to grind flat and shaped material to customer specification. Please contact us about Banner tolling services.

Centerless Grinding

Banner has more than 50 centerless grinders and 9 cross roll straighteners to process bar material ranging from .032″ through 9.00″ OD.  Depending on outside diameter, bar lengths to 40′ can be processed. Over 50 years of processing experience allows us to hold exacting tolerances on a wide range of round products including bar, tubing, and cannulated materials. Upon request, Banner Medical can consistently hold +/-.0001″ OD across a 12′ length of bar with surface finish to 8 Ra. Depending on material availability, product can ship in as little as three business days.


Straightness plays a critical role in the machinability of any material. Materials exhibiting high runout limit spindle speeds, increase cycle time, and prematurely wears tooling. Banner understands this and straightens all of our material before turning, grinding, or polishing to customer specification. Banner can consistently hold +/-.006″ total indicated runout across a 12′ bar upon request.

Saw Cutting

We offer full saw cutting and cut-to-length service to all customers served, providing flexibility and improving efficiency by performing the cutting operations in process. Customers who use this service no longer have to dedicate additional in-house processing resources for cutting materials. We can cut bars from .500″ through 10.00″ OD, and we can process flat stock, shaped material, and tubing with tight tolerance capability upon request.


Banner Medical offers chamfered bar end shaping to customers upon request. This valuable service helps bar material feed smoothly into CNC Swiss-style equipment, and helps prevent material jamming. Banner Medical chamfers all medical grades of bar in .375″ through 1.00″ OD upon request.