Banner Medical is a premium supplier of raw material and value-added services to the orthopedic industry. By providing various materials to the most exacting tolerances, OEMs and Contract Manufacturers enjoy the benefits associated with superior roundness, straightness and runout. The requirement for tight tolerance raw material leads to faster throughput, reduced scrap rates, and higher quality products. Ultimately, all of these attributes reduce cost and risk for the manufacturer and the recipient of the device or service.

Currently, Banner Medical has established Approved Supplier Listing (ASL) status with over 40 companies serving the medical device industry. To attain ASL status, Banner was required to pass rigourous on-site audits that validated our protocols, documentation and process capability for the supply of raw material and value-added services. Few suppliers of raw material and value-added services have put forth the investment and resources required to attain ASL approval to the same extent. Our commitment to superior products, risk mitigation, and reduced supply chain complexity helps our customers launch their products on time and under budget.

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